Award Announcement

The MIESCHER-ISHIDA-PRIZE was initiated by Dr. Masahiro R. Ishida "in commemoration of the discoveries of nuclear and extranuclear DNA" to acknowledge outstanding scientists who have made unique findings in the field of endocytobiology or contributed to the development of this science.

The MIESCHER-ISHIDA-PRIZE is presented by the International Society of Endocytobiology (ISE) and the University of Tübingen.

Nomination proposals of candidates for the Miescher-Ishida-Prize should be sent to the CRMIP, THE COMMITTEE FOR THE RECOMMENDATION OF THE MIESCHER-ISHIDA-PRIZE, c/o H.E.A. Schenk (e-mail see below) by July 20, 2007. Proposals are requested from competent scientists and all ISE members. A short description of the candidate´s scientific work (some sentences, but max. 1 page) and a list of the two to five most important publications should accompany the proposal in electronic form (WORD document).


The Committee for the recommendation of the MIESCHER-ISHIDA PRIZE

R. Oelmüller ISE President, University of Jena
M. Sugiura ISE Sen. President, Nagoya City University
W. Löffelhardt ISE Vice President, University of Vienna
J. Obokata ISE Vice President, Nagoya University
K. Harter University of Tuebingen
P. Kroth CRMIP-Secretary, University of Konstanz
K. Yoshida Hiroshima University

For further information please contact H.E.A. Schenk, Secretary of the CRMIP,